Our Founder’s (Shraddha Pandey) Interview With Business Upside

  1. Why did you choose this profession?

Ans: My family advised me to pursue computer science and engineering when I first started my career in engineering. I detested the coding portion, and as we entered the software engineering section, learning to code was required—not because it was fun to learn, but because it was forced.

In my second year of studying engineering, I realized that although I tried, I cannot learn this. Yes, I tried to learn coding, but it was too difficult for me to comprehend even the most basic programmes. I won’t say it was too difficult. When it comes to coding, cramming the codes is not the answer.

Nevertheless, I completed the course because I dislike stopping in the middle of things.

I have no idea what I should do after finishing my engineering! I began researching other fields to determine my willingness. It became obvious to me that I would not continue with the M. Tech. So, the question of what to do next arose!

I chose to pursue an MBA. However, much like in engineering, there are a variety of MBA specialisations, so it was difficult for me to choose the appropriate one and avoid making the same error twice.

I attempted to learn about finance, operations, business analytics, as well as marketing and human resources.

I finally realized the orientation I needed to take my work for the foreseeable future, and it was marketing!

I decided on marketing since it was very simple for me to understand when I was studying about the different MBA specialties!

I never imagined that in just three years, I would be able to get to the point where I would begin managing my own marketing firm.

Marketing has a wide range of professional options as well as many real-world applications.

A marketing degree does not necessarily have to have a single topic of study as its concentration. The availability of supplemental honors gave me the chance to develop my skills within the confines of a new field.

Business analytics, which might be a great asset for impressing the clients, or psychology, to better understand why customers behave as they do, could be used in this situation. There are a lot more areas that come with the marketing field like writing, graphic designing, social media marketing, SEO, communication, the art of convincing, content creation, copywriting, email marketing, performance marketing, influencer marketing and many more.

Since marketing is so broad, I could easily tailor both my education and profession to my personal interests.

  1. Why do you think people should reach out to you for digital marketing?

I think that daily results matter to all businessmen in this day and age where people lag behind strategy. Instead of strategies, I choose tactics. My clients may see results from a tactic in a day, a week, or even a month.

Clients must, however, wait a very long period for strategies. Although clients must wait a long time to see results, strategies can last for a very long time. Everyone expects speedy results in today’s busy world!

Additionally, I have handled the digital marketing, graphic design, and writing projects for more than 25 brands as a well-known marketer and professional writer, and I firmly feel that this combination is unrivaled!

  1. What is your formula to survive in this hugely competitive market?

Be updated with the marketing trends, don’t stop learning new things, get insights from other marketers, don’t I repeat this again “DON’T COPY OTHERS WORK”! Uniqueness can take you to the next level.

If you’re following this simple formula, you will be scaling up in the field of marketing like you’ve never scaled up before!

  1. What are some of the most important lessons that have influenced your work?

Here are some of the most important lessons that have surely influenced my work:

  • Taking care of existing clients is one of the best ways to survive in the market. You may get many new clients but client retention is something that will make you stand out of the crowd!
  • Be clear with whatever services you’re providing and payment process. Advance payment is a good option for temporary work.
  • If you’re not able to handle a few tasks, don’t take it up, let your client know about your situation and be transparent!
  • If a client is disturbing your mental peace, you should ask them to take services from others. As if you don’t do this, this will affect you to service other clients too.
  • Hire people, don’t start handling all the work by yourself. It will kill your creativity as well as productivity.
  • Avoid micromanagement.
  • If you have recently launched your business, take updates from all your employees on a daily basis as you have to pay them in the month end, so you have all the rights to get daily updates from them.
  1. What were the biggest roadblocks or challenges you had when you first started in the profession, and how did you overcome them?

Although it is nowadays perfectly acceptable for a woman with an MBA to work in human resources or even finance, there will be many concerns and inquiries when you enter the marketing industry. Whatever society or anybody else may say, remain resolute in your choice and take all necessary steps to realize your objectives.

Achievements include challenges.

  1. What are the challenges the industry you are in is facing now, according to you?

A few of such challenges are given below:

  • Obtaining clients, generating leads, or even retaining clients. 
  • Clients attempt to evaluate services because there are many marketing agencies, making retention difficult.
  • The cost of running advertising campaigns can be a problem for new businesses.
  • One of the most important aspects of marketing is having the right resources. You won’t be able to fulfill your client’s expectations if you don’t have the necessary resources.
  • Forming a skilled staff and educating them.
  • Rising level of competition
  • For marketers, maximizing return on investment is another difficult task.
  • When you manage social media marketing, you can have strong engagement on social media sites.

These are just a handful of the biggest difficulties I encounter; obviously, this list is excessive!

  1. What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

Quitting my job as an employee and running my own company within three days of quitting the job were the two most satisfying moments in my professional career so far.

  1. How did you plan to provide better results in a crisis?

By getting directly involved in the activities so that my clients continue to have faith in me.

Undoubtedly, becoming involved in tiny chores that are meant to be completed by my workforce is tedious and difficult.

I invest a significant amount of time in each of my clients to ensure they receive the outcomes they are hoping for.

In addition, I personally promote their companies, which no other marketing agency’s founder has done so far.

  1. What is the next goal you wish to accomplish?

Since September 3rd, 2022, I have been running a digital marketing company called ScaleUp Marketing Solutions. I don’t currently have an office because everything is done online. I want to open an office in Bengaluru’s Electronic City Phase 1 in about 1.5 to 2 years. This is the first thing that comes to mind.

In addition, I hope to build a clientele base of at least 50 clients within the next 1.5 to 2 years.

There is a proverb that goes, “Take aim at the moon.” “You might hit a star if you miss.” I adhere to this in order to reach bigger milestones.

  • How do you define success?

Success is nothing more than persistently working toward a goal while keeping all facets of life in mind. This is not at all the correct notion of success if I am professionally successful but my family is struggling as I failed to convey time for them because I was too preoccupied with developing my profession.

Instead of doing this, if I could give my personal life more time, and then a moment comes when I consider improving my career, from this point on I can advance because, five or ten years from now, I’ll be looking back and wondering, “Did I do something that I shouldn’t have done?” Or is there anything I didn’t accomplish since I was pursuing my objectives”?

And if I hear “no,” then this is how I should define success for myself.

I’m working to advance my profession while also being mindful of not having any regrets for the rest of my life.

Success involves more than just performing well in our professional lives; it also involves striking a balance between our professional and personal lives. 

Later on, whatever milestones you hit will serve as your measure of success.

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